The Dab Army was made by Sam Vision and it is a group made up of the people who joined the #BringTheDabBack movement. Sam has tried many ways to bring back the dab but he fails all the time.

When it was created Edit

Sam originally created the #DabArmy as the #BringTheDabBack movement in July 2017. In August 2017, after DanTDM created the Dab Police, Sam created the #DabArmy to combat DanTDM's attempt to stop the dab. The war is still going on.

Propaganda Edit

Sam often makes tweets and comments about dabbing and often likes videos promoting dabbing. He once went on a Just Cause 3 livestream to promote his cause and his message was read out on stream although Sam can't find the point where he says it due to the stream being over 2 hours long.

Members Edit