Forza Friday is a series on YouTuber Frogger2002's channel and is co-produced by YouTuber Fubba Dub Dub. As the name suggests it is a Forza series that comes out on Fridays. But because Oliver and AJ are lazy, they have only made 17 episodes since February 26th 2016!

The Day of the Cringe Edit

The first episode of Forza Friday sparked a lot of controversy because it was so bad it gave children who watched it Frogger2002 Sickness. Over 3 million children were sent into depressed and traumatized states after watching the video. This day was later known as "The Day of the Cringe." The views on the video were reset before the awful video could make YouTube's "Trending" tab.

AJ's takeover Edit

After Oliver realized that he wasn't funny without AJ, AJ was on every episode. He even filmed one without Oliver! Starting on episode 6, AJ started recording Forza Friday along with Oliver. The last episode Oliver ever filmed was episode 14. After that, Forza Friday was only on AJ's channel. While this is great news, AJ has not uploaded Forza Friday since January the 26th 2017 so the series may be dead.

Guest List Edit

Yes, this is every guest that has ever been on Forza Friday! (Xbox namer tags)

  • Elsepewdiepie
  • marineboy300
  • risingdrift3245
  • RitzierChimera

Trivia Edit

  • Sam Vision made the trailer for Forza Friday Episode 9.
  • It was going to be replaced with Minecraft Monday but because the pilot was so bad, the series didn't come back until 2017!
  • There is a theory that AJ has quit YouTube but without any evidence except the fact that he's not uploaded in a while, he might just be taking a break.