Frogeye00 is known across communities, but is most notably an Xbox player who played Star Wars Battlefront while Frogger2002 was livestreaming. After a year of not being mentioned, he made a YouTube account to expose Frogger2002. The link is here:

Star Wars Battlefront Edit

Frogeye00 is often associated with Star Wars Battlefront because that's where he made his first appearance: On a Frogger2002 livestream. The livestream was removed from YouTube but the clip where Oliver acknowledges Frogeye's existence is here: Since Frogeye was alerted by the existence of the livestream by a friend, he downloaded part 1 of it and kept it for when he would get a YouTube channel and expose Oliver. Since he re-uploaded the video of the livestream, Frogeye seems to have abandoned his YouTube channel.

Roblox Edit

Frogeye00 made a Roblox account but it is assumed that it got hacked as the account is now a very different tone from when he started it. The new Frogeye00 plays creepy games and changed his look to look like some kind of demon. it is unknown whether he did this as a joke or if he really was hacked.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a rumor that Frogeye00 is secretly a furry.
  • There is another rumor that Sam Vision completely made up the YouTube channel and Roblox account in an attempt to gain publicity and the Xbox player has never even heard of Frogger2002.
  • It is also rumored that Frogeye00 will upload a video addressing his Roblox account sometime around or after June.