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Frogger2002 is a young, inexperienced YouTuber who is "famous" for his series Forza Friday. He first met Sam Vision in 2014.


Frogger2002's YouTube channel ( is rarely talked about because he likes to keep it secret due to the fact that it sucks. In fact, on the 26th February 2016, millions of children were sent to the hospital because of what was later known as "Frogger2002 Sickness" where they lost the will to live after watching Frogger2002's newest video: "" The damage was so big the 26th of February was dubbed "The Day of the Cringe."

Fubba Dub Dub

Fubba Dub Dub first appeared on Oliver's channel as a cameo on the 7th of October 2015. Since then, he has been a constant addition to what would otherwise be a boring video. It's said that the only interesting part of Forza Friday is the banter between Oliver and AJ.

Sam Vision

Oliver knew Sam Vision before Oliver started his YouTube channel. Oliver always looked up to Sam, every night before sleep he would say "One day, Sam, I wanna be the exact opposite than you." Since Oliver made his channel, Sam Vision has been occasionally mentioned.Most notably so in Oliver's most popular video, which has nearly hit 200 views. (Shame though, because Oliver's friend puts Sam Vision down) Sam later appeared in a very random video ( Where Sam trolls him when Oliver is trying to have a conversation.


Oliver has an Xbox One... So what?


Like his fellow moron Sam Vision, Oliver has a Roblox account. ( He sometimes plays Roblox on his videos.


  • Since The Day of the Cringe, Forza Friday Episode 1 had its views reset.
  • Oliver is secretly a frog
  • When playing Star Wars Battlefront in a deleted video, Oliver offended YouTuber Frogeye00 which led to Frogeye re-uploading part 1 of Oliver's Star Wars Battlefront livestream.
  • Oh yeah, Frogger2002 has a Twitch: