Frogger2002 Sickness is a very serious illness that had an outbreak on the 26th February 2016 which was later dubbed "The Day of the Cringe." The symptoms are the same symptoms as depression. Failure to treat Frogger2002 sickness could result in death by cringe. It was named after YouTuber Frogger2002.

Diagnosis Edit

The main way to tell Frogger2002 Sickness apart from Depression is that if you have Frogger2002 Sickness you will also be traumatized and also it only affects children under 13 years of age. When diagnosed with Frogger2002 Sickness, a psychiatrist has to be called in to help you forget the traumatizing experience of watching a Frogger2002 video.

Other Cures Edit

It is rumored that doing, watching or playing things Frogger2002 hates will help ease Frogger2002 Sickness. these things include Pokemon, the company Apple, people bringing up Oliver's YouTube channel and so on.

The Second Outbreak Edit

The second outbreak of Frogger2002 Sickness occurred on July the 2nd 2016 because of a video uploaded on Fubba Dub Dub's channel which is the failed pilot of Minecraft Monday. This outbreak affected 100,000 children.