Fubba Dub Dub is a YouTuber who is most commonly known for being the co-owner of Forza Friday.

YouTube Edit

Fubba Dub Dub mainly makes Forza or Roblox videos but sometimes does Minecraft and other rubbish nobody cares about. He was partly responsible for The Day of the Cringe which was an outbreak of Frogger2002 Sickness. He often makes videos with Frogger2002 like Forza Friday but does do videos with other idiots too.

Roblox Edit

Somehow, Fubba Dub Dub's Roblox name, xXFANTASTICBASTARDXx wasn't censored. Many people believe this is due to the Roblox Admins having a day off then. AJ's most popular video where he fails to catch a shiny Gible in the Roblox game Project: Pokemon has gained over 1000 views.

Declaration of War Edit

AJ officially declared war on YouTuber Sam Vision on the 27th of November 2016. The war started when Sam uploaded a video mocking one of AJ's videos. ( Nobody ever surrendered but they have not uploaded a video mocking each other in a while.

Forza Friday Edit

AJ is featured in most episodes of Forza Friday and even hosted one episode without Oliver. AJ was in the Forza Friday episode which caused the famous outbreak of Frogger2002 Sickness but most of the blame is on Oliver as he is the annoying part.

Minecraft Edit

AJ hosted Minecraft Monday with Oliver for the famous cringy pilot episode and episode 1. Since then, AJ quit the series. He also featured in the controversial Build Battle video uploaded by Frogger2002 but wasn't part of the controversy.

Trivia Edit

  • AJ is secretly a Giraffe sent from a far away planet known as Narnia
  • His main purpose as a Giraffe is to peek into windows and over fences to find out everything about Frogger2002 and Sam Vision before tracking them down and killing them.
  • He has a secret crush on The Tree from The lorax
  • He cloned himself but nobody knows who his clone is (It's Barry Bee Benson)