Gameboy Color is a YouTuber who often comments on Sam Vision's videos. He is not well known as a YouTuber but whatever he gets a page anyway.


Gameboy Color isn't the best YouTuber ever, with his most popular video reaching a height of 79 views, but he uploads better content then Sam Vision, so he's ok.


On Roblox Gameboy Color is known as Hajewskyj12, a very random name but whatever. He is the type of person who actually buys Robux, which includes a hidden requirement in the terms and conditions which say, quoting Roblox: "In order to buy Robux, one must sell their soul to Satan first." The thing is, Hajewskyj12 has bought Robux so many times that he recieved a promotion: Demon. It's just that nobody has told him yet so yeah.


  • He has a Pokeball Ring Aura Uxie in Project: Pokemon as a thanks from Satan for selling so much of his soul.
  • He doesn't know it, but he will never die unless someone kills him.
  • He secretly has a crush on John Cena