What you are about to read is 101% true and actually happened to me. Logan Paul was my favorite viner but I didn't enjoy his daily vlogs. When Vine got shut down I decided to watch his brother Jake Paul. I was a full Jake Pauler until it happened.

After seeing the backlash Jake Paul's masterpiece, "It's Everyday Bro" got, I wanted to show Jake that I was his number one fan so I decided to buy his merch. I stole my mom's credit card and bought everything on his website. When the merch arrived I took a photo of it and sent it to Jake Paul on Instagram. A few hours later I got a notification on Instagram that Jake Paul had started following me. I was so excited and thrilled because my only other followers were fake Jake Paul accounts. Jake Paul DMed me thanking me for buying all of his merch and that he had a secret for me. I asked him what it was and he said "You'll see!" The next day I received a brown parcel which I opened. Inside the parcel was unreleased Jake Paul merch and a letter by Jake.

The letter read: "That you so much for buying my merch! As a thank you I have given you new unreleased Jake Paul merch! Also I will give you a preview of a new video I'm working on, I hope you enjoy it!

Underneath that was a link to a website that I will not post here for your safety. When I followed the link it instantly downloaded exe files onto my computer and I didn't know what to do. The website itself just said: "Open them in the order they appear in!" I was skeptical at first but I decided to follow the website's advice because Jake Paul would never give me a virus. The first exe file was called "A few things I need to tell you." Opening the file made my computer restart. When it restarted, instead of saying the usual messages it said: "Promise to me that you will buy all of my merch in the future!" On the screen came a yes or no option. I clicked yes. The screen said: "Good. Now you will log in and open the next exe file!" I did just that, the next file was called "I have secrets," I didn't know what was going to happen but I opened it and it opened a window with a web address. Again I won't post it for your safety. The website had a full screen video of black with someone's voice pitched down. The voice said: "I am incredibly jealous of my brother Logan, you must buy all of my merch and never buy any of his!" When the video ended I was even more curious as to what the last exe had in store for me.

The third exe file was called "You're on the way" and upon opening the file it told me to look inside my new unreleased Jake Paul hoodie. I did so and I found a link to a YouTube video. I followed the link and it was an unlisted video on Jake Paul's channel. It was simply called "Jake Paul VLOG no.666." I played the video and it started with a black screen for 20 seconds. Suddenly, static appeared before it faded to Jake Paul crying in his bedroom. The strange thing was, he was crying BLOOD! The camera panned next to him and there was Erika Costell, Jake Paul's wife, dead. I started crying and I wanted to switch it off but my body was paralyzed. I was forced to keep watching. It then cut to a video of Nick Crompton taking blood out of Erika's dead body and putting it in a capsule. He pressed a button and then machine noises were heard before the ceiling opened up and about 10 clones of Erika Costell fell to the floor. Nick then took all but one away while the camera zoomed into the one he left. Her eyes opened to reveal that her eyes were black.

The screen then went to static for a good 30 minutes but I was still paralyzed so I had to watch it all. At the end of it the video cut to Jake Paul and the Erika clone kissing. It's Everyday Bro started playing backwards and as it went on Jake Paul slowly turned into a demon. The video cut to black for a minute before ending. My body was finally able to move again. A picked up a lighter and threw it onto the unreleased Jake Paul merch. It set the whole house on fire. I escaped but everyone else in the house died. The fire department put out the fire and the only thing they salvaged was the unreleased Jake Paul merch. i told them to keep it.

I moved into my grandparent's house and used their WiFi so I could message Jake Paul on Instagram. I asked him what the video was. Jake replied with: "What you should be asking is how I found your address!" I asked him how he found my address and he replied: "I have been watching you ever since you bought my merch, you had to put your address into that. Also the exe files hacked into your computer network where I managed to access your phone's location!" I told him he'd never get away with this, he just told me: "Look behind you!" I instantly turned and to my horror I saw the demon Jake Paul from the video. He slashed my limbs off but left me alive. I've been in hospital for what feels like forever and I finally got a new hand that works on phone screens. Jake Paul sent me a message an hour before writing this. The message read: "I can still track your phone. I know where you are! i will kill yovhfbfb bvjkbfjkvbcjkcbn b