Minecraft Monday is a cringy YouTube series made by Frogger2002.

Pilot Episode Edit

Oliver wanted to start series one but it was so cringy Oliver only uploaded a bit on his channel but Fubba Dub Dub uploaded all of it. It also contained the vocal talent of one of the Gamer Squad. The video didn't get as many views as Forza Friday because it sucks even more but it still sent 100,000 kids to the hospital suffering from the second outbreak of Frogger2002 Sickness since February the 26th 2016. Like the first outbreak, the views on the video were reset.

Series 1 Edit

There are only 2 episodes of the main series because it still sucks, so much so that AJ quit after the first episode! Both of them are so boring, Sam Vision couldn't bother watching them to leave any criticism.

Trivia Edit