Mudkip_Tophat is a Roblox account most notable for being friends with SamV1sion. I mean, he's friends with other people but who cares about them? He also begged to be on this Wiki even though he does not have a YouTube account.


This guy doesn't have YouTube... Poor thing.


About the only social media (if Roblox counts) that this guy has. He has not got too far in Project: Pokemon but then he doesn't really play it. It is rumored he actually has a life outside Project: Pokemon unlike Sam Vision who is sad enough to always remember the colon. I seriously can't think of anything else to say.


  • He has been mentioned before in some of Sam Vision's videos but no name is implied.
  • His voice is not on the internet.
  • He is friends with one of the saddos who is part of Minecraft Monday.