Undertalegirl1421 is a a YouTuber known for commenting on random videos. Her first videos were clearly just quick slideshows put together in either the YouTube Video Editor or Windows Movie Maker.

Personal Life

She is a secret and rare species of the human being called The Lesser Spotted Dabber. As the name suggests she dabs a lot! She will never beat Sam Vision though.


She started off making cringy slideshows of random stuff like My Little Pony or YouTubers, but eventually she realized nobody watched them so she moved on to videos of her personal life and random games like There is a rumor that she bought all of her subscribers but then this Wiki has a lot of rumors. Her most viewed video is a dog video which has over 270 views (which is more than Frogger2002's most popular video.) Her newest video is a video she stole from a channel called Grubbo. Here is the original: and here is her stolen version:


  • She was originally the only Dabber left but then Sam Vision revived the species
  • There is no point number 2